The Mental Collective design and development group was founded by the husband and wife team, Dougal and Susan Campbell. Both Dougal and Susan were always being asked to work on websites outside of their "8-to-5" jobs, so they decided to go out on their own and delve into the world of independent contract work!

Dougal has a strong, long-running web presence and excellent reputation as a computer programmer, not only in his full-time job experience, but on independent freelance projects, such as the WordPress blog project. One of Dougal's trademarks is his ability to make disparate systems talk to each other, and then deliver that information to clients or customers via the world wide web. Dougal holds an MCSE and has a great deal of experience in Linux system administration, PHP, CSS, TCP/IP, and much more! Please feel free to view Dougal's resume for a full listing of his skill set and experience.

Susan has spent more of her experience on the project management side, albeit as a "working manager". Most of her experience has been in academia, having been the project manager of an IT group at a technical college in Alabama. Through her project management experience, Susan has supervised the installation of a campus network, developed several college websites, managed a multitude of servers, and supervised the launch and development of a distance learning program. Susan also holds an MCSE, as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Communications from Auburn University. Susan's strengths include web design and development, CSS, creating online forms, network management, and more! Please feel free to view Susan's resume for a full listing of her skill set and experience.

While Dougal and Susan manage the majority of the work completed by Mental Collective, they are not afraid to call in the calvary when needed, and utilize their professional contacts for Flash and multimedia development, as well as other specialized projects.